You can find everything you need for your baseball season here. No waiting around for someone to help you, just to tell you that's all we have? I truly recommend giving it a shot
fernando mancilla
Best baseball and softball store in the San Fernando Valley hands down. Francisco is great and knowledgeable with all the equipment he carries. Great variety of bats and gloves, from tball to high school/pro.
Michelle Riley
Really great, little baseball/softball gear store. The gyy was super nice and helpful and friendly.
Alan Rojas
The owner is very helpful and nice. He answer all my questions and I will definitely going back to this store.
RoRo Sal y Luna
Great family owned shop. Been coming here for at least 15 years. Great prices and stock.
Scott Wood
Great mom and pop store devoted to baseball. I've had two gloves re-laced and run in for multiple socks or belts at the last minute.
Dave Dickinson
Small ,but fully packed baseball/softball store . Fransisco was very knowledgeable ,helping my grandson pick out a little league bat .
Sergio Amescua
My first time shopping at All American. I went there to look for a softball glove for my daughter. They have a good selection on gloves. Wasn't looking on spending $300 on a glove but always like to buy quality stuff. They also have pretty much everything needed for baseball and softball. Lots of high end gear. Frank the owner was very helpful with everything. Definitely coming back to All American
Was very frustrate trying to find catcher gear for my granddaughter. Have to say the man that helped us was very patient, and went above and beyond what he needed to to get my granddaughter fitted properly. Highly recommend All American Sports Shop. And will be returning for all our future softball gear.
We are new to baseball and our two boys are just getting started at Sunrise Little League. We went to All American and had a great experience. A great local business with an owner who definitely knows his stuff.
I'm surprised they don't have 5 stars. I would give them 6 if I could!
Great place for baseball and softball needs. Great prices great service.
Very friendly staff and they know what they are talking about !!! Go out of their way to offer great business
Tony, the owner, is awesome and I'll kick infield clay at your shoes and shout at you if you say anything different. The little things he does for free to keep my kids playing and his knowledge are so much better than some kid at Sports Authority. He's been in business since I was playing in the mid '80s, but I didn't know about him until I now have my own kids. His glove repairs are top notch, but be warned that he will tell you a story about 6'5" inch 3rd baseman using 11" gloves in baseball, and try and relate that to the very different sport of female fastpitch softball. Hahaha!!! Don't buy THAT advise, and stick with the larger gloves (sorry, Tony....) :-) He's not open Sunday and Monday, and closes around 5:30 or 6 PM. His prices are competitive, but I'd rather use Tony than some big box store or online company for most of my equipment and even silk screening for our teams. He will order whatever you need that he might not readily stock. Just a really good family guy and family business, with his son coming in often also.
I have to admit there's nothing like the all American Sport Shoppe, when ever i'm in need or looking to buy something specific for baseball i come here. Tony explains anything and everything there is to know about the product, he never forces you to purchase with him. He will allow you to go shop elsewhere and find better deals which will never happened, i started coming here when i was 15 years old. Now in my mid 30's and still playing baseball i chose to come here for my needs.
Under new management, this place has definitely become alive! You can find all the latest baseball gear. The new owner is very knowledgeable and a true baseball professional with first hand experience in the game! Definitely recommend this place!!
Best place to get your baseball and softball needs. Bought my son a bat and glove her. The owner Francisco is so knowledgeable. I gues because he played baseball at a high level. AA++++ place to go in the valley.
great find!!! dont go to the big stores, drive the extra 10min, and you wont regret it, look up this place on yelp. called in to see if they can help me, and they did. spoke to francisco, he had every answer to my questions., he knew what i needed at a best price, if u need great gear for your lil t-baller to the bigs leagues you u need to stop here, why wait ordering from a online store.
New ownership and fully stocked! With all of the big sporting goods stores out of business this place is it!
Really, I'm the first to review All American Sport Shoppe? Not too surprising, I guess, even though the owner told me they've been there since 1976. My son's been playing baseball for 3 years now and I only found out about this place recently because his coaches recommended it. So happy I know about it now. I've been in the market to get a new glove but it's been decades since I've bought one so I needed advice. Long story short, I went in and tried 30+ gloves at all different price points, models and sizes until I found what I needed. They did nothing to up-sell me and gave me useful advise as I mulled my decision. Very happy with my purchase. All American Sport Shoppe will be the first place I go now for my son's baseball gear. Come spring it'll be time for a new bat and glove for him and I'm confident he'll get what he needs shopping here. Anyone in the Valley should check this place out for baseball equipment because they really know their stuff. By the way, despite the name of the store, this place is for baseball gear only.